Little Dove Childcare Centres

Mulberry performed carpentry work across a total of six Little Dove Childcare centres. We were required to apply widely varied skills to ensure each construction was completed to the most stringent Australian safety standards.

Designs had to suit statutory requirements for the children’s external play areas, room sizes, shade areas, toilet and kitchen facilities and disabled access. Mulberry was able to meet these without any problem, along with special requirements for child -friendly bathroom fittings and accessories, along with special hygienic dispenses for teaching staff.

Mulberry has been invited to work across these six different sites due to our commitment to superior service. Every job was completed on time, to budget and free of defects.

As a turnkey construction business, we were able to complete the following:

  • Installation of all windows
  • Customised decking and picket fences
  • Custom-made sand pits and bridges
  • Installation of compliant fire doors
  • Building of wall and roof frames

Project Name: Little Dove Childcare Centres

Project Type: Education

Location: Multiple

Year Completed: Multiple

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