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Exceptional bespoke results through expert craftsmanship, quality materials and a commitment to client communication.


The perfect space doesn’t just happen; it is created. Functionality, aesthetics and longevity form the basis of creating the perfect room – however these aspects cannot be achieved without the necessary skills and materials.


A Sydney based carpentry and construction company with a penchant for delivering bespoke results, Mulberry understands what it takes to create the ideal space. Backed by expert craftsmen, we take the time to actively listen to our clients before commencing work – ensuring we deliver the desired outcome.


High quality finishes, sturdy workmanship and a keen eye for detail are trademarks evident in our projects to date. We love a challenge. From heritage homes to contemporary office blocks, we have the experience necessary to complete a wide range of residential and commercial projects. With an expert labour hire team on offer, we have become the preferred choice of local builders and construction companies who require carpenters that they can rely on.


When it comes to carpentry in Sydney, Mulberry is your firm of choice.


What we do


Carpentry is our lifeblood. Backed by years of experience in the industry, we love and breathe this trade.


Highly skilled in woodwork and joinery, we are able to apply our skills to a wide range of settings. In terms of residential applications, we are able to assist with both minor and major home renovations. From timber frames, flooring, doors, architraves and skirtings, through to timber cladding, window installation, picket fences, decking and even attic conversions, our experienced carpenters can assist.


When it comes to commercial applications, we have worked on a broad range of projects – from office blocks and retail stores, through to childcare centres and government buildings. We have completed fit outs for retail stores such as Sportscraft, and have even worked on defence buildings such as Army and Navy bases across Sydney (HMAS Watson Bay, Garden Island, Randwick and Victoria Barracks).


We also have a passion for heritage buildings and have developed our skill set accordingly. From the elaborate charm of late Victorian era terraces, through to the ornate detail of homes influenced by Queen Anne architecture, we understand that heritage restorations require an eye for detail. We have contributed to the restoration of a number of heritage buildings to date – namely, the Historic Majestic Theatre in Petersham.


Mulberry also has an experienced team of labour hire personnel. These carpenters have been trained in accordance with our exacting standards and possess an exceptional level of skill and expertise. Reliable and trustworthy, they are the carpenters of choice for many of Sydney’s leading builders and construction companies.


Our approach to carpentry


Here at Mulberry, we believe that groundwork is essential.


Before starting a project, we take the time to meet with our clients – allowing us to discuss your personal specifications, budget and timeframe, as well as your overall vision. We believe that gaining a sound understanding of a client’s requirements allows us to deliver the best possible outcome; we prefer to work collaboratively and stay in contact with you each step of the way. Transparency is essential.


We also place a strong emphasis on quality workmanship and materials. Our expert carpenters are trained in our approach, ensuring consistency across the company. With an eye for detail and an enviable skill set, they are equipped to deliver results of the highest standard.


When it comes to materials, we work with the best – yet also take into account your specifications and budget. As an environmentally aware company, we love working with sustainably sourced materials and are always on the lookout for products that reduce a building’s energy consumption. From recycled timber through to energy-wise insulation, we have a broad suite of eco-conscious products to choose from. If you are interested in environmental sustainability, be sure to ask us how we can tailor our service to meet these requirements.


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Located in Sydney’s inner west, Mulberry serves the metropolitan area and surrounds. We offer bespoke carpentry solutions for both residential and commercial projects, with an aim being to deliver high quality services at competitive rates.


Looking for expert carpenters in Sydney? If you would like to know more about our services – or wish to discuss a project you have in mind – please get in touch with Mulberry today on (02) 9212 2268 or via our online form.